Rakesh Kurra

Modeling Agency, Modelling portfolios & Kids Photography

Best Photographers in Hyderabad / Bangalore / Mumbai / Goa for Kids & Fashion Portfolios

Rakesh kurra is a freelance photographer with over 7 years of professional photography experience, best photographer rakesh kurra has been involved in many successful photography assignments for many clients. During the last 7 years working as a professional photographer and completed many successful Photography projects in various cities in India like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Vizag, Goa, Mysore & Delhi.

Rakesh Kurra offers professional photography services in Fashion, Advertising, Kids Portfolios, Kids Photography, Baby Photography, Model Portfolios,  Wedding Photography, Couple shoots, Matrimony photography, Candid, newborn, product Photography, eCommerce shoots, and Corporate events.

Photography is about capturing souls not smiles. Rakesh Kurra’s work is enough to prove how true that is. With an eye for detail, color, best compositions and an acute sense of lighting and shade, please check the below images in fashion Photography, Kids photography & advertising Photography

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