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Treasure the Pleasure with Rakesh Kurra Kids & Baby Photography

A photograph taken at the right moment can speak more than words. When coming to kids… their innocent baby faces, hearty smiles, twinkling eyes, naughty deeds…and the list goes on when we start to describe them. Childhood is the most fantastic and short phase of everyone’s life. Our tiny toddlers grow very fast within no time. It’s we who have to freeze their wonderful deeds. There is no other thing on this earth which can beat a kid’s smile. Then why not we preserve such fabulous smiles to cherish them in future. So, this brings a need for perfect baby photography professional who can help you to capture those wonderful moments.. If you want to do so, there is no other best place than us to digitally freeze your child’s precious memories. Yes, we have the highly professionalized kid’s & baby photography agency,  who can easily bring out that fantastic smile on your face by looking at our results. We have specially divided the Kids photography into four particular modules as follows:

  • Newborn Photo shoot: Age group 0 to 30 days old babies.
  • Baby Photo shoot: Age group up to 1 year old.
  • Toddler Photo shoot : Age group 1 to 3 years old.
  • Kids Photography Age group above 3 years old.


We also have special photo shoot packages, Family photo shoots etc. For any further details please check out our website and feel free to contact us at any time. Nothing in the world can buy your childhood back. So, its always the best to gift our loved with their childhood memories. We, as a part of the team, will work on toes to make your dream photographs come true.

A great platform to turn your kid into a Baby model:

Not just photography, We also play a vital role in kids modelling department. We bring out that hidden model from your kids if you desire. We are our own competitors in kids modelling and kids photography. We do help the kids to be casted into the movies easily and also into kids endorsements sections. We have already done good number of successful projects with the kids earlier. Kids modelling is always as challenging as cute it looks..We have our own creative methods to make out the best ever photographs of your kids. We guarantee the best quality with a trendy and fashionable look in our photo shoots. A content face of our clients is our inspiration. We also promise that every photograph we take is highly unique and will definitely win your hearts.

Kids Endorsements and Acting chances:

We have very interesting kids modelling and photo shoot projects through which we can elevate your kid’s looks and helps the child to grab the golden opportunities easily to get into acting in movies as well as into endorsements.

Reach out to us:

So, what are you waiting for …A small step towards us can change out the future of your kid..look out for our contact details and grab the opportunity to capture the mesmerizing childhood moments of your lovely kids. Our services are available at Hyderabad and Bangalore. Come on…Experience the world-class photography sessions with us. Turn out your kid into a mini fashion icon and face the charisma of digital colors. Now, its time to see your apple of the eyes through our camera eyes…