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2018 Golden Frame Memories

Life is a rollercoaster ride and every single moment is as precious as the entire life is. The best way to cherish and seize the moments of one’s life is nothing but a photograph taken at right time and at a right moment. Our Creative B is utterly very proud to shout out to the entire world that we are among the best professional photographers of the world.
Year by year, we are progressing towards the path of excellence with our hard work and dedication. Every year is a bunch of golden memories which we share with ourselves and also with our awesome clients. From a high level model portfolio shoot to a day’s baby photo shoot, we try to put all our maximum efforts to make the digital captures indulge more life into them and bring the happy smile on the customer faces.

2018 is a fantabulous year for us. Myself Rakesh Kurra and my Creative B photography agency has been blessed with many wonderful photoholic memories which have added the life to our digital frames.

Entire 2018 was very hectic and busy for us though we enjoyed working every second on our projects. We have given the privilege to shoot the portfolios of many stunning and beautiful models from different modelling industries. Even we launched many models from our end into the modelling and acting firms successfully. Creative B is also well known for the highly qualified and quality services of photography and is an expert is playing with the digital colours.

We also know how handle those tiny tots and cute buddies during the Kids portfolios and Kids assignments. We also have a great record of introducing many kid models to the industry. We take care about each and every minute detail when we portray the baby and kids pictures. We never dare to miss even a single innocent smile and a naughty eye wink.
Creative B is also in to conducting the photography workshops which helps the budding photographers to enhance and learn new techniques and sharpen their skill set. In 2018, we have organised the workshops in the cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore and Goa.

The Goa workshop was the show stealer and stood among the best of all. Many models from different countries have participated and designed their own portfolios with help of Creative B. We have helped many new learners to engage in our projects by letting them have a true practical experience and can quickly learn the desired photography techniques. The 2018 year end was very special to us as we have completed the Goa workshop with flying colours.

With a hope of new adventures and amendments in the photography zone and with a promise of quality service to our clients, we look forward to welcome the New Year with utmost happiness and enthusiasm. Never miss a chance to capture and freeze the most important and lovely moments of your life. We can help you to bring the true life to your frozen photographs by adding our digital charm.