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Fashion Photography Workshop & training by Rakesh Kurra

Welcome to the Real Fashion photography Experience in Hyderabad / Bangalore! Fashion Photography training / workshop  is not typical kind of photography workshop. This event, hosted by Rakesh Kurra – Professional Fashion Photographer and photography Mentor, takes the social fun of a workshop and places it into a real fashion shoot training, inviting beginners & semi-pro photographers to be part of an exquisitely engineered, editorial-quality production. This is a bridge between a workshop and a real fashion shoot, and an incredible chance for you to test your mettle and develop your skills. You will gain confidence, experience – and have lots of fun – working with stunning models and networking with other creatives in a professional, high-energy environment. By the end of the day, you may find yourself with a whole new portfolio of images, and unlike other events of this kind. By the end of this photography training / workshop you should have a large amount of images with many looks to work on and show off on your own websites, blogs and Social Profiles as well as an understanding of guiding your subject, getting what you want them to do with confidence and a clear understanding of the Fashion Industry!

Even if you do not really shoot fashion, this workshop should help you when just working with your usual clients such as Weddings or Pre / post wedding shoots as an example for understanding, clothing, body language, facial expressions, use of hands and so on.

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Fashion Photography Training in Hyderabad

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